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Welcome to Capital Exchange (CapEx: CAPX) at - we're glad you've found us!

If you are a first-time visitor, please take some time to thoroughly familiarize yourself with our policies and Terms of Service as contained in our website before continuing further.

Our Disclosure Statement as posted at contains important information that you should also consider before commencing trading on our platform.

Collectively, the policies contained herein describe our rules and Code of Conduct for all participants and shall be used as the primary and authoritative resource and guideline for all administrative decisions, dispute resolution and any other issues that may arise in the course of CapEx's operation.

In the absence of a definitive rule, the decisions of the Management of CapEx shall prevail at its sole discretion. Your use of the software loaded at in any manner whatsover shall constitute unconditional acceptance of our various rules and Code of Conduct as posted here. We do monitor and review our policies regularly and may amend them from time-to-time without prior notice.

Thank you for visiting Capital Exchange - we greatly appreciate your business and trust.

Skip Oceanlane
CEO and Majority Shareholder
Capital Exchange

CapEx - Rules, Policies, Terms of Service

Article I: Capital Exchange Disclosure Statement

Article II: Capital Exchange Terms of Service

Article III: Privacy Policy

Article IV: CapEx Code of Conduct

Article V: CapEx IPO Underwriting Policies

Article VI, Intro & Section 1: General Rules of Conduct

Article VI, Section 2: Chief Executive Officers (CEO) & Board of Directors (BOD)

Article VI, Section 3: IPO, SPO & PSO Applications & Valuation

Article VI, Section 4: Written Interpretation of CapEx Listing Rules

Article VI, Section 5: Company Prospectus/Info and Quarterly Financial Reporting

Article VI, Section 6: Shareholders Meetings and Shareholders Rights in Listed Companies

Article VI, Section 7: Public Shells, Reverse Mergers, Mergers, & Acquisitions

Article VI, Section 8: Transfer Fees, Manual Transfers and Stock Fees

Article VI, Section 9: Forums

Article VI, Section 10: Inactive Accounts - Reclaiming of Shares and Lindens

Article VI, Section 11: Dividends

Article VI, Section 12: Capital Exchange Regulatory Commission

Article VII: Trading Halt and Delisting Rules






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