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May 20th 2014, 07:15
Skip Oceanlane
IPO Application Submitted - STUDIO 777 (FUN)
Edited by author May 27th 2014, 19:25
Dear Capital Exchange Members:

I present to you probably the largest company ever to apply to list at Capital Exchange: STUDIO 777 (FUN). I have been in discussions with FUN CEO Luke Slingshot for over 2 years now. Yes, two years. He finally has agreed to apply for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of stock at Capital Exchange, and I'm very excited about it.

FUN is comprised of several enterprises: A Dance Club, JOBSTAR Job Center, 777 Shopping Mall and Skill Gaming Resort. The company is old by SL standards, with tens of thousands of customers. This company listing will definitely expand our visibility within Second Life, and help bring in many new investors. I encourage everyone to look into the company and learn about it and its history, to verify it will be a good addition to the game.

Here is how FUN will start off if approved:

FUN Owner Shares: 16,000,000
IPO Shares: 4,000,000
SPO Price Per Share: L$1.50
Total Value of IPO: L$6,000,000
Total Shares In Company (if SPO sells out): 20,000,000

Note that this application has not been approved yet, and is under review by the Capital Exchange Regulatory Commission (CERC). I will give you notification of all future actions taken and if any changes have been made to this IPO Application.

Feel free to talk to any of the thousands of customers of 777, or their Board of Directors. They are a serious enterprise with high volume sales, and I hope they will share with good dividends. Anyone that has questions, feel free to ask. Thanks.

Skip Oceanlane, CEO
Capital Exchange



Second Life’s #1 Skill Gaming Nightclub, Mall and Resort Since 2009

Status: Primary - Being considered by primary review staff

Stock Symbol

Company Name

Company Tagline
Second Life’s #1 Skill Gaming Nightclub, Mall and Resort Since 2009

CEO's Real Life Name
Luke J.

CEO's Real Life Location
United States

CEO's Email

Company Avatar
Luke Slingshot

Company Website


In-World Region
Sol Hermosa

Directors, Company Officers

Luke Slingshot, Founder, Chairman and CEO *

Luke joined Second Life in 2009. With a real life background in business, marketing and fitness, Luke has consulted for many Second Life businesses in addition to developing and expanding STUDIO 777 since inception.

Glaznah Glasser, Board Member *

CEO of Earn2Life and Smartbots

KariAnne Starsmith, President and Co-Founder *

KariAnne joined Second Life in 2009, bringing almost ten years of real life experience in project and community management to support the STUDIO 777 venture. KariAnne has played a critical role in concept development, roll out, and management of the overall enterprise.

Rainne Lionheart, Vice President, Sr. Manager

In Second Life since 2009, Rainne has been Senior Manager for Studio 777 Treasure since 2012. In real life, she is Nurse Practice Manager; in Second Life she's a Manager and DJ. Interests: Sim terraforming and decorating and of course shopping.

Chris24fm Thorkveld, Vice President, Sr. Manager

Chris has been in Second Life since 2008. Senior Manager for Studio777 Treasure since 2012. In real life he's a Consultant, in Second Life a Manager and Host.

Cris Nightfire, Senior Vice President, Gaming

Cris joined Second Life October 26, 2007 and has been involved with Studio 777 since it began. He has managed Clubs/sims and has worked as a builder, photographer and videographer. Interests: Breedables, making textures and building.

Southern Carolina, Director of Security

Southern joined Second Life in 2009. As for his name Southern Carolina, he used to live there before he moved to California. He enjoys building motorcycles and other items as well as meeting new people. He is 52 years young and lives in Palm Springs, California. He is a Computer Tech in real life.

Chance Claremont, Chief Financial Officer

Total Shares To Create

Shares To IPO

IPO Price

IPO Days

Cash On Hand

Land Owned

Tangible Assets

Starting Capitalization (Before IPO)

Monthly Revenue

Monthly Expenses

Name for Chairman's Letter

FUN CEO Luke Slingshot's Introduction to STUDIO 777™

Chairman's Letter

Dear Potential Investors,

We're excited to introduce you to STUDIO 777™ (FUN) featuring TREASURE, our high energy Dance Club, JOBSTAR Job Center, 777 Shopping Mall and Skill Gaming Resort. The company has existed since 2009 with the same owners, has been and is profitable, and is able to pay investors/shareholders a regular dividend.

I joined Second Life April 18, 2009, and STUDIO 777 opened in October 2009. STUDIO 777 was founded to create and manage a successful Dance Club, Skill Gaming Resort and Mall, making the fusion a one-of-a-kind destination with diversified revenue streams. Since 2009, STUDIO 777 has welcomed over 1 million guest visits with over 50 million minutes spent at the Club. We have 30,000 group members, hosted over 1,400 Live Events with DJs, Hosts & cash prizes, 50 Mall Stores, and over L$200 Million has been won by Players and Guests. 777 has been ranked third highest in traffic for all sims in Second Life and honored to be named Second Life’s #1 Skill Gaming Nightclub & Resort.

Months of research revealed that at the time, no nightclub had a full complement of games with integration; and no arcade had a social nightclub as a primary focus. In fact, it was the general opinion that these two types of business models, while strong on their own, would not work well together.

We set out to prove it could be done. After all, if you walk through top attractions in Las Vegas and Macau, there's a very easy connection and flow between gaming and social entertainment. Why would that not be possible in Second Life? However, the barriers to entry are high; gaming systems are data and labor intensive and club operations are another full time business. While we've seen many try and provided support, we’ve found our unique experience, extensive use of partnerships and cross promotions, longevity, innovations in technology and clear business plan have made STUDIO 777 unsurpassed as a popular and trusted venue.

Over the past five years, it's been a pleasure to work with some of Second Life's team at Linden Lab as well as top creators on custom projects, game ideas, promotion, marketing and prizes, including: Vista Animations (777 is the exclusive venue to win Vista AOs as prizes), Hurricane Choppers by Hurricane Diesel (Custom 777 Bikes as VIP gifts and prizes), Sky Vista Skybox Rentals (Sky Box giveaways, more to follow post IPO), Kayliwulf Kingdom Latex, Vander Reich (Custom designed sim sized Football Stadium and other transferable builds), Lalaland Sims & Homesteads, Rian Jayaram of Dvandra (Custom web based security systems), Jack Jaehun (Custom script eject systems), Gemini CDS, PK Pounceworks (Custom sim wide chat relay system), Dawn Pienaar (Custom scripting), 0moon0 Moonites (Custom scripting for JADED Designz Contests), R&A Core (Exclusive gaming products), Pi Games, CobraTech, Hippo, Earn2Life (Advertising, travel hud, Dragons & Princesses, custom projects), RezAds, STLB, Smartbots, Jolbey Systems, Bletaverse, Pikkubot, Steven Gaudio groups, Ads-O-Matic, Subscribe-O-Matic, Second Ads, The SL Enquirer Media Group, Alicia Stella and SHX.

At STUDIO 777, TREASURE Nightclub, a dedicated entertainment facility at the center of 777, is at the heart of the game space. Since 2009, live events have been produced every night, 365 nights a year, from 6-8pm SLT (9-11pm Eastern). The dance club promotes the games. The game contests, group chat and notices reach over 250,000 Residents a day promoting the Club and Events. This happens even while a Live DJ Event is going on with 70 people on the sim, dancing, socializing and competing for Lindens and prizes; and at the same time, Players are winning skill games and related contests, all worth thousands of Lindens. We have been blessed with some of the most loyal, dedicated and talented staff and fun, amazing Guests we’ve ever seen in Second Life. We have thousands of active Players, many of whom have been visiting 777 since the beginning, and hundreds have the title MVP (Most Valuable Player) which is given when a Player has reached milestones at the Club.

We were happy to discover early on that our concept was a game changer. And with that proof, we set out to maximize our branding and reach across Second Life. We began and continue to run highly aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns. Using the best technology and tools from trusted developers, we promote our games, events, job listings, and contest winners 24/7 every day. We cross promote with top brands and other well-known marketers. We cross promote with game developers. We cross promote with top DJ's. We advertise in Search and on adboards in high-traffic areas throughout Second Life.

We welcome new business partnerships and franchises when we find an opportunity to reach new audiences and create new revenue streams that create a win/win for everyone involved. Some of our past ventures include ownership of a football team and establishing a satellite location in a high-traffic welcome sim. Currently we are developing plans for a revamped retail mall, opening real estate rentals, and maximizing our purchase of the JOBSTAR Job Agency with another 10,000 Group members.

Now approaching five years since our launch, we have carefully considered the use of investment funding. We will use funding for these goals: Strengthening our core businesses and core concept, increased hiring, further customization of systems for player rewards, back end operations, security and marketing, exploring changes to our build and sim layout; potential partnerships and alliances, and increasing play, retention and integration.

Our experience, reputation, demonstrated results, commitment to quality and enthusiasm for the amazing things Second Life can do has created a destination that has exceeded our wildest expectations. Glaznah Glassner has been a business partner and friend since the beginning of STUDIO 777, and we're honored to have him join us on the Board of Directors. We've been impressed with Skip Oceanlane's leadership of CapEx. While we have been approached about investments many times, because of CapEx's excellent reputation and because we're always interested in fun, new ideas, we respectfully submit this application.

We intend to have a rock solid dividend policy, and will establish a reserve fund to further build trust and friendship with our shareholders. We’re committed to continued growth and having fun doing it. As Second Life continues its revolutionary growth and development, STUDIO 777 is dedicated to amplifying the convergence of technology and entertainment. By investing in STUDIO 777, you'll become an important partner, and we look forward to celebrating new success, new growth and new profits with you.

Cheers, Luke Slingshot, CEO

Business Overview

Here is an overview of the core and related businesses of STUDIO 777™:

1. Dance Club

TREASURE Nightclub, our themed dance spot, is located at the heart of our club dome. Since 2009, every night from 6-8 PM SLT, we produce a live DJ event, staffed by Managers and Hosts. Each event has a theme and with Lindens and/or free game credits as prizes. Some of the live events are also sponsored by designers and those contest prizes include gift cards and merchandise. Custom designed chat relays throughout the sim help everyone to participate. TREASURE currently employs two Senior Managers, two Managers, seven Hosts and seven DJ's. Our senior staff is paid weekly. Event staff is paid per event and also receive 100% of their tips.

2. Skill Gaming

Our unique and custom built dome features over 1,000 of the best, trusted and Linden Lab-compliant skill games and their related contest boards. We feature games and have been proud to form alliances and friendships with the most trusted game companies including Aargle Zymurgy Systems, 3K Gaming, Pi Games, R&A Core, KC Gaming, RavKom and JADED Designz. Everyone can win, even on Freeplay games, every 30 minutes. Contest boards pay at varied times - some are daily, some are weekly and some are based on the number of games played. Many reward Players every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day.

Please note that many details related to skill gaming operations are confidential and proprietary. Some are covered under Non-Disclosure Agreements. We will provide as much information as possible but for competitive reasons figures won't be broken out.

Players can win additional Lindens through incentive systems including Pay for Play (every 30 minutes) and Replay (5% free game replay the next day). All winners are announced. Game winners are announced by the games. Contest winners are announced by the boards. Game and contest winners are congratulated during live events in the dance club. We also promote contest winners in our Players Group (around 20,000 members). Top guests are invited to join our hundreds of MVPs (Most Valuable Players) and receive a special group tag and exclusive offers and gifts. Customer service to all players is offered in-world on a daily basis. All games, contest boards, related technology and customer relations are managed exclusively by STUDIO 777 ownership, with support from our VP of Gaming.

Our Players and Guests have won over L$200 Million Linden at STUDIO 777!

3. JOBSTAR Job Agency

JOBSTAR, Second Life's Original Job Agency, is now located next to STUDIO 777. The office has over 50 adboards of three different sizes and price points to help businesses advertise their job openings. The JOBSTAR Group (around 10,000) is also used for businesses and job seekers to connect. STUDIO 777 is an aggressive advertiser in job locations and high trafficked areas so having a local recruitment location was strategic. In 2013, we contacted the founder and arranged for the purchase of the name, group and intellectual property. In addition to the adboards and the group at the new location, we offer even more ways to earn and win money. In its new location, JOBSTAR has seen a new burst of traffic and profits have more than doubled since launch in the Summer of 2013.

4. STUDIO 777 Shopping Mall and Adboards

With 50 shops on the sim, one way we support Second Life creators is by offering low rental prices on our high traffic sim (30,000-40,000 traffic units per day). Some shops have been renting with us since nearly the beginning of 777 in 2009. We will continue to integrate the Mall with TREASURE events for promotion, marketing and prizes. The Mall utilizes HippoRent and renters automatically receive group invitations through Smartbots.

5. Marketing and Advertising

It is almost impossible to talk about what we do, without explaining how much time and money is put into advertising and promotion. We reach approximately 250,000 Residents per day in over 250 groups (including special arrangements with some of Second Life's largest groups) through a combination of creative and aggressive marketing and advertising programs and campaigns, including many created in house. We are experienced and familiar with ROIs in Second Life and have proprietary systems to evaluate opportunities and renewals.

We own and maintain Pikkubots which are classified as Scripted Agents and programmed in-house to post our notices and announcements.

We subscribe to three Ads-O-Matic systems and use it daily to promote our nightly events and JOBSTAR.

We own and use a SmartBot who posts additional event and gaming notices to several groups, including the top event promotion groups in SL, every day. We rent over 100 adboards every month all over Second Life. We maintain a presence with classified advertising in Search weekly. We create custom graphics for our signage - used all over the club, and for adboards.

Marketing and advertising is managed by STUDIO 777’s senior staff. We have been hired by high profile companies in Second Life to design multimillion Linden advertising and marketing campaigns because of our experience and success running high level, complex media and marketing plans.

Business Strengths

Our strengths stem from our core concept, dedication to players, partners and team, and our desire to maximize results:

1. Convenient resort destination with multiple ways to have fun in Second Life

From our core concept - Two major entertainment activities fused into one location - We set out to be a one stop destination. At STUDIO 777, Guests play games, win Lindens, socialize, enjoy great music and dance, earn Lindens, experience a unique location with stunning graphics and bright visuals, find a job, shop, take a bike ride - or even a rocket ride. Since 2009, this has built trust, loyalty and repeat visits and we're honored many of our original Players are still highly active. With so many ways to earn and win, STUDIO 777 has become a place many new Residents learn about Second Life and obtain their first Lindens to buy clothes, land and other fun products and services; that's produced loyalty and longevity to the STUDIO 777 brand.

2. Trusted Skill Gaming

Our policy is to strictly adhere to Linden Research, Inc.'s Terms of Service. Therefore we work only with the best and most trusted game makers and comply with every change or restriction that Linden Lab announces. Our Terms and Conditions are presented to every new guest on a welcome menu. We work with game makers to enhance and improve their products for our players. In our nearly five years of operation, we have never had any action taken by Linden Lab over infringement, Terms of Service or any other matter. Our accounts have always been in good standing, and we're a Business Owner Level 2 account with Linden Lab.

3. Great customer service, information, help for using Second Life

We aim to offer great customer service to our players. As a result, we also offer a lot of information about Linden policies and viewers. Because gaming establishments tend to get hit first and hardest by griefers, thieves and hackers, we dedicate substantial resources to security and Player safety. Also, we encourage our Guests to have a better understanding about their scripts and their effect on lag. We do not tolerate spam or abuse, and in this way we help our guests and members enjoy a safe environment. At the same time, we help residents with abuse problems, filing abuse reports, and checking their own accounts and transactions. We are proudly equal opportunity.

4. Best technology for keeping lag low

We are proud of our record 102 simultaneous users on our sim in August 2013. We are even more proud of the improvements we were able to make in our environment to reduce scripts and prims, therefore reducing lag and increasing bandwidth - which was not easy, given the fact that we have over 1,000 games which all run on multiple scripts, all enclosed in a dome with many contest boards, signs, givers, and functioning tools of a club and game hall. We also make a strong effort to encourage our guests to keep their scripts low. We know we can do even more to enhance and improve the quality of our environment, and that is one of our goals.

Use Of Capital

Funds raised will be used for:

1. Strengthening our core businesses and core concepts;

2. At TREASURE Nightclub, expanding the number of Live Events with DJs, hosts and prizes. This will require hiring additional event staff and management;

3. At 777, we are always expanding the number and variety of skill games, and exploring further co-ventures on satellite arcades. Any purchase of new games and their associated boards and functional tools requires investment. We have the significant gaming, entertainment and infrastructure assets needed to place satellite facilities in other popular locations under a cost and revenue sharing model;

4. At 777, hiring additional staff, including security specialists and game hosts, to enhance the daytime and overnight experience and enjoyment for our guests; and

5. Overall, we'll continue to explore and execute on creative ventures in the areas of marketing, advertising, game development, back office tools and new initiatives.

-Builds, including Dome, Football Stadium, Club, Volcano, Mall, JOBSTAR, Staff Office, Seating, Props and Furniture.

Estimated Value: L$250,000

-Unique created items, from Flying Carpets to 777 merchandising to custom made Hurricane Choppers motorcycles.

Estimated Value: L$250,000

- Games and Contest Boards (Over 1,000 games and 100+ Contest Boards, most transferable through policy or our relationships with creators. These games and objects bring in average monthly revenue of L$9,000,000 - L$10,000,000 a month. We feel the valuation for this section is extremely under true asset value which will give a chance for our company’s share price to grow based on net asset value (NAV).

Estimated Value: L$20,000,000

- Scripted objects - Many of them customized exclusively for 777.

Estimated Value: L$250,000

- Intellectual Property, including marks, name and branding, exclusive signage, artwork, graphics, 10,000 trivia questions, over 1,400 event plans/descriptions, etc. These assets help bring in customers to our games and greatly enhance revenue. We feel that our brand name has significant value (which is a tangible asset because in theory all the items here could be sold in the future).

Estimated Value: L$2,500,000

- Transferable Objects, Misc. Games, furniture, artwork, accessories, prizes, etc. (asset value for games of skill is mostly included in other sections).

Estimated Value: L$100,000

- Loyal group members: 777 Players Group (20,000), JOBSTAR Group (9,000) (We consider this an asset because in theory we could transfer the groups to a new owner which would give them access to thousands of customers within Second Life, with a good gaming/customer relations experience).

Estimated Value: Included in Games and Contest Boards and Overall Business Value

-Starting Lindens: L$2,000,000

Dividend Policy

We intend to pay dividends on a monthly basis and expect the dividend to rise regularly. The dividend amount will be proportional to our monthly profits. We will establish a 3 month reserve minimum to guarantee shareholders results. Note that as per Linden Lab's Terms of Service, dividends cannot be "guaranteed."

Risk Factors

Skill gaming is a popular activity in Second Life and we have been in business for nearly five years with a large variety of skill games. We have never had any action taken by Linden over infringement, Terms of Service or any other matter. Our accounts have always been in good standing, and we're a Business Owner Level 2 account with Linden Lab. Skill gaming is currently allowed under Linden Research, Inc.'s Terms of Service. However, Linden Lab could change TOS at any time and prohibit all skill gaming.

Under Linden Research, Inc.'s Terms of Service Section 4.5, "'Linden Dollars' are virtual tokens that we license. Each Linden Dollar is a virtual token representing contractual permission from Linden Lab to access features of the Service. Linden Dollars are available for Purchase or distribution at Linden Lab's discretion, and are not redeemable for monetary value from Linden Lab." In the same section, Linden reiterates, "Linden Lab may revoke the Linden Dollar License at any time without notice, refund or compensation" for many reasons, and, "You acknowledge that Linden Dollars are not real currency or any type of financial instrument and are not redeemable for any sum of money from Linden Lab at any time." In the event Linden Dollars are reclassified as currency or the Linden Dollar Licenses are revoked, as with many businesses in Second Life there may be a material impact.

Skill gaming is a competitive industry in Second Life. "Professional jealousy" has been known to take many forms, including everything from attempting to sway public opinion against a rival business, to attacks of spam or sabotage against a rival's group, establishment, or guests. While we provide a high level of security for our club and our guests - and the safety, security, and hassle-free enjoyment of our guests is a top priority for us - we cannot guarantee that we are immune from malicious behavior.

After five years, we have a strong understanding of risk management on the games. We maintain a high reserve to ensure all wins are paid and in our history have never gotten close to depleting the reserve. However, skill games in Second Life are won through skill and algorithms which game owners cannot control. In the event our games are substantially disrupted, while stop losses are set on every machine, a material event could occur.


Luke Slingshot, Founder, Chairman and CEO*
Glaznah Glasser, Board Member*
KariAnne Starsmith, President and Co-Founder*
Rainne Lionheart, Vice President, Sr. Manager
Chris24fm Thorkveld, Vice President, Sr. Manager
Cris Nightfire, Senior Vice President, Gaming
Southern Carolina, Director of Security
Chance Claremont, Chief Financial Officer

Copyright © STUDIO 777 Partners. All worldwide rights reserved. Second Life is a registered trademark of Linden Research, Inc. All trademarks, product data, logos and copyrights are the property of their respective Companies and no endorsement is implied. STUDIO 777 is proud to be equal opportunity and welcomes all applicants.
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May 20th 2014, 08:25
Luke Slingshot
Re: IPO Application Submitted - STUDIO 777 (FUN)
Good morning and thanks Skip!

Wanted to say a quick hello and thank you for considering our IPO application. We have huge respect for CapEx, account holders, shareholders and the people and companies that make Second Life great. STUDIO 777 has been privileged to have five successful years in Second Life, and it's a testament to Skip's kindness and tenacity that we agreed to participate on CapEx.

We're especially grateful to Glaznah Gassner for agreeing to be on our board. We have a long history together and he's been a mentor and hero to me. He'll be a great board member for STUDIO 777 and our shareholders.

As we put it in our original 2009 press release: "We have great admiration for the groundbreaking nightclubs and arcades in Second Life. Our vision is to bring these great concepts together and produce a fun party destination where guests have an immersive entertainment experience." With this IPO, we will accelerate and maximize that vision.

Our intention is for everyone to win: Shareholders, guests, partners, advertisers, sponsors and our staff. We're happy to try to answer any questions you have and look forward to being a strong part of the CapEx team.

Best, Luke

Luke Slingshot, CEO
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May 20th 2014, 08:35
Stryker Yoshikawa
Re: IPO Application Submitted - STUDIO 777 (FUN)
Hello Mr. Slingshot,

That's a large listing, welcome to Capex and goodluck with the process.

I just have one simple question at this time. The application reads your company makes L$10,000,000 per month revenue and L$9,950,000 costs. How can such a large company that is being valuated by yourself at L$30,000,000 or approx. US$120,000 have only L$50,000 or US$200 net profit.

Thanks for your reply,

Stryker Yoshikawa
(CEO Virtual Retailers VRS)

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May 21st 2014, 03:03
AmyNevilly Resident
Re: IPO Application Submitted - STUDIO 777 (FUN)
I've seen his business. It has a very high cashflow turnover and a low marginal profit - that is why it is 50k.

That's not a bad thing - just a different business model.

Mr Slingshot has done some honest business with me in the past and I have nothing but good things to say about him.
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May 21st 2014, 05:17
Luke Slingshot
Re: IPO Application Submitted - STUDIO 777 (FUN)
Edited by author May 21st 2014, 06:22
Hi Mr. Yoshikawa,

Many thanks for pointing out the editing error. The IPO Application went through many iterations, and the projected expense line wasn't updated. It's now been corrected as you'll see above to: Expenses L$9,800,000.

Reflecting our income and expenses, we project a minimum of L$200,000 per month to be paid as dividends to our shareholders. We project that income and dividends will continuously increase. Of course, we can not guarantee those results as a condition of TOS. We hope our experience with CapEx and friends here will increase everyone's success.

Thank you AmyNevilly, you have great talent for creativity and innovation and I've enjoyed working with you and look forward to the future. You're right -- We reinvest heavily into new ideas and marketing to increase our core businesses. But with multiple revenue streams and strong cashflow, we're in the strongest position we've been in since our 2009 inception.

Thanks again for considering our IPO application. We welcome everyone to visit STUDIO 777 anytime (Treasure events are from 6-8pm SLT every night) at Come have some FUN!

Best, Luke

Luke Slingshot, CEO
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May 22nd 2014, 11:14
garryt62 Resident
Re: IPO Application Submitted - STUDIO 777 (FUN)
If your application and IPO are successful (I see no reason why they wouldn't be) have you looked at how you might be able to encourage your existing customer base to become shareholders as well?
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May 22nd 2014, 13:21
Luke Slingshot
Re: IPO Application Submitted - STUDIO 777 (FUN)
Hi Garry,

Thanks for your message. Absolutely, we're finishing the marketing plan to help our Players and business partners become CapEx members; not only to participate in our IPO, but also to introduce them to CapEx and how it works so they can invest in other companies as well. Our players are skill game champions and CapEx is a skill game in its own right, so we expect great participation. We'll execute on the plan as soon as we have the green light to proceed. Thanks again and have a great holiday weekend.

Best, Luke

Luke Slingshot, CEO
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May 25th 2014, 13:19
Eddards Tebaldi
Re: IPO Application Submitted - STUDIO 777 (FUN)
If this is approved Im buying big. Looks great.
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Jun 6th 2014, 19:21
Stryker Yoshikawa
Re: IPO Application Submitted - STUDIO 777 (FUN)
Perhaps a little late but why is the ticker not 777.
FUN is not directly recognized for it to be your company.
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Jun 6th 2014, 20:28
Skip Oceanlane
Re: IPO Application Submitted - STUDIO 777 (FUN)

Numbers cannot be in a ticker symbol as the software only allows letters.

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