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Jul 7th 2014, 05:08 EARN
by Glaznah Gassner

EARN's Board of Directors welcomes new member!

Dear Shareholders,

I'm proud to announce the significant changes within the management. Luke Slingshot, the owner of STUDIO 777 (listed as FUN) joins the Board of Directors of EARN.

We see the tendency for our virtual world to change and develop. (known as MetaBizList among Second Life advertisers) is one of the largest Second Life advertising networks (with more than 18,000 advertisers involved). Luke Slingshot is one of the most experienced business owners in Second Life promoting his own business and providing an advertising areas for other businesses.

Within the next months will start expanding its advertising services, covering the modern demands of Second Life business and providing more exciting services. This includes (but not limited to!) the grid-wide board advertising platform (the successor of AdFusion) and various in-world games, both money-making and pure entertainment.

We will announce the upcoming changes as soon as EARN's Board of Directors complete the Expansion Design document. More cool things to come!

Welcome aboard, Luke!

Glaznah Gassner, CEO

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